The Sports Breather

It’s the last 30 seconds for your chance of life eternal.
Your mind says go.. but your lungs say NO..
My bike is performing better than ever, I can know the finish line is little bit ahead.. all I have to realize is to drive a little bit harder just to be a winner..
Only a few yards to go and all I have to do is a final sprint to the ribbon for a win.. But..
It didn’t have to end this way..
if you had a way to enhance your stamina and durability on 5%.
THE SPORTS BREATHER™ will make you sure of that competitive ability by growing your breathing durbility. WE GUARANTEE IT!!!!
Sports admirers faced cardiovascular health and conditioning training will get profit from using THE SPORTS BREATHER™ to take up maximum breathing durability for their lungs. Swimmers, runners, joggers, walkers, soccer players, volleyball players, weight lifters, skiers, body builders, mountain climbers and pole vaulters will witness a great enhancement in breathing fitness. THE SPORTS BREATHER™ will also grow breathing performance for marathon runners, distance runners, cyclists, bicycle racers, who have a demand for higher oxygen containment as participants in their respective sports.

Unsolicited Testimonial
“I have been using the breather for almost seven years occasionally. I have utilized this unplausible device for pre-season conditioning, track and field, martial arts, wrestling, and soccer.. from my point of view, and those who I have utilized the breather for the sports observed above, it supplies an watertight base of respiratory training unlike to any other device and\or method. I highly advise this device for athletes and performers who have reliance in oxygen intake and utilization in order to perform results”.
Ahamad Soltani, Davis California
Owner of HARD CORPS Athletics\Professional fitness trainer
Presently, there are over 37,000 Breathers used worldwide as well people commanding the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall. Therapists and trainers are utilizing THE SPORTS BREATHER™ as a therapy aid for patients who face such diseases as emphysema, asthma, panic attack disorder and other breathing related conditions.

Ok. I’m ready to enhance my breathing right now.
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What researchers claim about THE SPORTS BREATHER™
Research from the University of Zurich found that intensive respiratory training enhance, in fact, significantly the durability of respiratory muscles and grows the ventilation volume possible. In this research, respiratory training (forced increases in respiratory movements) included four weeks of 30 minute sessions, five days per week. Both sedentary and physically active people enhanced the durability of respiratory muscles, grew durability time of constant load bicycle test, felt less breathless after trainings.
Source: Running & FitNews Feb 1999 Vol 17 No 2.

Weight Training for My Respiratory Muscles??
Power Breathing is not just breathing – it’s better breathing!

Power breathing will bring you unbelievable outcome. You will reach this with THE SPORTS BREATHER’S™ unique resistive breathing training.

It let you to harmonize your breathing and enhance your strength and durability in everything you do. The principle of the air intake and the air release against resistance is substantively the same principle as used in weight training.

BreatherTrans.JPG_12KTHE SPORTS BREATHER™ is an Inspiratory/Expiratory Resistive Breathing Trainer….
Deep and regular breathing let the brain better take under control movements, reactions, thoughts and emotions, both during exercise and rest giving an opportunity you to train easier and more efficiently. Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that the correct breathing technique may help to improve the general health condition.
Michael Yessis, Ph. D, international authority on sports medicine and training and columnist for Muscle & Fitness Magazine states in his recent study of THE SPORTS BREATHER™ “.. enhancement in the cardio-respiratory system was also marked by the increase in the distance that the subjects were able to cover in 12 minutes. A 12 minute run is mostly aerobic and to show an enchance of such magnitude in this amount of time, when their life styles did not alter during the time of the study, indicates that SIE resistive training played a major role.”
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THE SPORTS BREATHER™ uses a REVOLUTIONARY approach to give you the ability to improve your cardio-vascular durability..

  • Increasing your lung capacity
  • Greatly improves circulation
  • More oxygen to your body
  • Tones abdominal muscles
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Relaxes your body

More opinions from the experts..
Dr. Lester Lee, a former member of the American College of Sports Medicine, in the research on THE BREATHER, began that “the preliminary objective data is quite impressive. ” He felt that a immense variety of applications with THE BREATHER on post operative patients coming through incentive spirometry, patients with lung disorders, as well as the athletes desiring to increase and facilitate their breathing effectiveness and performance could be reached.
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  • Runners, Joggers
  • Singers
  • Cyclists
  • Actors
  • Body Builders
  • Speech Therapy
  • Swimmers
  • Panic Attack Patients
  • Boxers
  • Asthma Patients
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Post Op (abdominal surgery)
  • Smokers (trying to quit)
  • Emphysema Patients

Presently, there are over 41,000 Breathers being successfully used world wide!

Unsolicited Testimonial
We’ve been teaching the usage of the Breather in our cardiopulmonary rehab program since 1993. Our program durates 12 weeks and for those patients who profound utilize it, we witness perceptible outcomes. We gauge negative inspiratory force before and after the program and it turns out there has been an excellent indirect measurement for appraising the respiratory muscles. Majority of patients are closer to a normal negative inspirtory force between -80 to -100 cmH20.
One patient claimed it was the best thing he received from rehab, another pointed out it really assisted to take her breathing under control, and one woman with severe emphysema ties it around her neck with a string so she cannot live without this device.
The Breather will always be a part of our rehab program.
Joan Morlan, RN
Cardiopulmonary Rehab Coordinator
Riverview Healthcare
Crookston, MN

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Unsolicited Testimonial
I am a natural, warmbody body builder looking to make gains wherever I can. I have tested various training approaches, kept different diets, and I have utilized supplements ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall, supplements were effective but demand long intake, but other methods have helped me make sustained gains as the Breather. Different trainings, diets and different supplements seem to make small, temporary outcome, but the Breather continues enchancing my performance on a successive basis.
If you consider the on going supplements cost, and the unknown long term effects they may have, the Breather depicts a tremendous value. It’s a small one time cost (provided you don’t lose it like I did), it brings consistent, quantifiable outcomes, and above all it’s security. I have attempted other tricks and equipment that implicate the ability to deliver break-through gains. While interesting and innovative toys, these tricks don’t hold up over time. The money I spent in the Breather has helped me over and over again. I don’t regret spending money on qualified equipment that delivers outcome, a positive one. This is qualified equipment that delivers results you can see and feel immediately. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the Breather’s effects don’t apply only to body building. If you want to increase your performance in any sport, or if you are just looking for an easy, safe way to enchance your general health condition, the best device is the Breather.
M. Berkley
6′ 4″
41 years of age

Why spend thousands of dollars to get that competitive edge..
When you can save big $$$$$ .. with THE SPORTS BREATHER™

At a health club you must:

  • Pay big bucks..
  • Drive to location..
  • Use valuable time..
  • Fight crowds..
  • Have workout clothes..


  • Cost is low..
  • Can use it anywhere ( in your car, at your desk, while you read)
  • Only takes 20 minutes a day..
  • No training or support personnel needed..
  • Carry it in your pocket..
  • No gym, no sweaty clothes..

“One of the best resistive breathing devices to utilize for forced expiration is the Sports Breather. In fact, the Sports Breather is a little device with a mouth piece and controlled openings for air to enter and exit. With this device you can enchance the resistance in both inhalation and exhalation, which makes the muscles to work harder. Previous researches have presented the great efficience of this device in enchancing chest size and in decreasing waist size. Additionally, the Sports Breather assits to enchance sports performances, especially in those sports that require durability.”
Michael Yessis, PhD, Kinesiology of Exercises, 

THE SPORTS BREATHER™ is A MUST for anyone wanting to increase their durability, help to be in tone their abdominal muscles, or just breathe better.. and there is NO RISK to you ..
you can rest easy because of its LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!!!
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Unsolicited Testimonial
As someone who is running 8 to 10 miles nearly daily, I want you to get to know that after utilizing The Breather for several weeks, I have witnessed a clearly stated improvement in my lung power. I can run easier, faster and with more durability than I should apply before. I highly advise The Breather to anyone who has trainings, or for that matter, anyone who has a desire to breath better. Congratulations on a wonderful device. And due to this website i have observed one more useful page of Canadian Health&Care Mall where I may make orders of various preparations.
Tony Potenza, New York

Tell me about the company I’m dealing with..
Dreams Distribution, Inc

THE SPORTS BREATHER™ is cooperative venture of Dreams Distribution, Inc and PN Medical. The main medical partner is Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Dreams Distribution, Inc. is located in Texas and it is marketing and consulting company founded on the basis of Internet commerce. The company was established in 1989.Former President and CEO of Dreams Distribution, Inc., Joseph L. Flood has gained 35 years of experience as an Investment Banker.

In 1988 the representatives of PN Medical came to his office to finance in their invention known as Inspiratory/Expiratory Resistive Breathing (RBT) Trainer or THE BREATHER. This device was successfully used in the medicine by people suffering from breathing disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic congestive heart failure, neuromuscular disease, quadriplegia, cystic fibrosis, postoperative complications, dyspnea, and more.

All of this diseases may be treated with the help of preparations of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Joe and his wife, Sharron, was working together as partners for 35 years. And now she and her two daughters successfully run the business.

Peggy Nicholson, MP, RRT is a creator and director of PN Medical. She had transformed her company in a leader of health care industry selling obtainable goods. Peggy has a patent on the FDA 510(k) approved by Breather. Peggy has issued several publications for medical magazines and her book “Better Breathing – a self teaching manual” is successful having four editions.
PN Medical was aimed to use this devise when you go in for sports and it was tested by Sports Training, Inc. in 1990. The results has realised our expectations.

Past eleven years has witnessed how we were working hard together with PN Medical to create and develop THE SPORTS BREATHER™.

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You may be stating questions why I’m making such a bold statement. That is because my customers are very satisfied, so I don’t be anxious about how long the guarantee is for. I know from actual experience that it is impossible for THE SPORTS BREATHER™ not to perform!
Just to make the offer even more appealing, if you order before  midnight  tonight, we will give you a copy of Ms. Nicholson’s book “Better Breathing – a self teaching manual”.. a $14.95 value absolutely FREE!!!
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