What researchers claim about THE SPORTS BREATHER™
Research from the University of Zurich happened to have that intensive respiratory training, in fact, greatly enchance the durability of respiratory muscles and magnifies the volume of ventilation possible. In this research, respiratory training (forced increases in respiratory movements) contained of four weeks of 30 minute sessions, five days per week. Both sedentary and physically activities enchanced the durability of respiratory muscles, increased durability time of constant load bicycle test, felt less breathless after exercise.
Source: Running & FitNews Feb 1999 Vol 17 No 2. A news taken from The University at Buffalo in New York dated January, 2007 publishes a study just completed there which shows swimmers and scuba divers enchancing their durability and respiratory muscle strength and improving their underwater scuba swimming time by 66% by doing resistance breathing training for four weeks.

Also quoted from the study “These data are taken in combination with previous studies in cyclists, rowers and runners. They offer that athletes in most sports could enchance their performance by undergoing respiratory muscle training.”

Weight Training for My Respiratory Muscles??
Power Breathing is not just breathing – it’s better breathing! Power breathing will bring you unbelievable outcome. You will reach this with THE SPORTS BREATHER’S™ unique resistive breathing training. It let you to harmonize your breathing and enhance your strength and durability in everything you do. The principle of the air intake and the air release against resistance is substantively the same principle as used in weight training.

The BreatherTHE SPORTS BREATHER™ is weight training for your respiratory muscles.
Power resistive breathing training will enchance your efficient lung capacity through constant usage by inhaling and exhaling against resistance, and bring you a general facilitated feeling of well being. An effective breathing methodic can have a significant influence on your performance.
THE SPORTS BREATHER™ is an Inspiratory/Expiratory Resistive Breathing Trainer
Deep and regular breathing let the brain better take under control movements, reactions, thoughts and emotions, both during exercise and rest giving an opportunity you to train easier and more efficiently. Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that the correct breathing technique may help to improve the general health condition.
What researchers say about THE SPORTS BREATHER™
“…enhancement in the cardio-respiratory system was also marked by the increase in the distance that the subjects were able to cover in 12 minutes. A 12 minute run is mostly aerobic and to show an enchance of such magnitude in this amount of time, when their life styles did not alter during the time of the study, indicates that SIE resistive training played a major role.”
Michael Yessis, Ph. D, international authority on sports medicine and training and columnist for Muscle & Fitness Magazine states in his recent study of THE SPORTS BREATHER™
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THE SPORTS BREATHER™ uses a REVOLUTIONARY approach to give you the ability to optimize your cardio-vascular endurance:
Increasing your lung capacity
• Greatly improves circulation
• Relaxes your body
More oxygen to your body
• Tones abdominal muscles
• Reduces fatigue

More opinions from the experts
Dr. Lester Lee, a former member of the American College of Sports Medicine, in the research on THE BREATHER, began that “the preliminary objective data is quite impressive. ” He felt that a immense variety of applications with THE BREATHER on post operative patients coming through incentive spirometry, patients with lung disorders, as well as the athletes desiring to increase and facilitate their breathing effectiveness and performance could be reached.

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